Developer Policy

This developer policy (hereinafter “Policy”) applies to users of our product (“Collectiv Chat”) available on our website ("Site"), and is specifically for developers who want to build applications or integrate Collectiv Chat’s capabilities into their own products or services (hereinafter referred to as "You", "Your", “User(s)” or “Developer(s)”). This Policy explains the disclosures and guidelines for Developers.

CollectivAI Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "We", "Us", "Collectiv.AI" or "Our") via this Policy discloses to a Developer certain aspects regarding the use of Collectiv Chat. Further, this Policy helps ensure that the applications built using Collectiv Chat's tools or Application Programming Interface (“API(s)”) are of a certain quality, comply with relevant laws and regulations, and maintain ethical standards. It outlines the expectations and standards the Developer(s) must comply with in order to create products or services aligning with Collectiv Chat’s goals and values. Furthermore, You recognize that beyond this Policy, the utilization of Collectiv Chat as a User is broadly covered by Our Terms of Use, Username Policy and Privacy Policy (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Agreement(s)"), and that You are bound by those Agreements as well.


Collectiv Chat uses a generative Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) model and it has been trained using both natural language text and source code obtained from openly accessible sources, which encompasses code stored in public repositories on the Collectiv Chat library. As a Developer, You acknowledge and agree to Our Terms of Use for the Site and Collectiv Chat which govern how You use Collectiv Chat.


    2.1 It is important to note that Collectiv Chat doesn't claim that it creates flawless codes. Collectiv Chat’s purpose is to generate optimal code based on the available context. This means that the code may not always function correctly or logically and We shall hold no liability for the same.

    2.2 Collectiv Chat excels when You partition Your code into compact functions, employ descriptive names for function parameters, and craft comprehensive docstrings and comments in the process.

    2.3 Collectiv Chat's contextual capacity is limited, so it might not utilize helpful functions defined elsewhere in Your project or within the same file. It could also recommend outdated or obsolete uses of libraries and languages. When converting non-English comments into code, there could be variations in performance compared to English. For suggested code, certain languages like Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, etc. could yield better results in comparison to other programming languages.

    2.4 As public sources are primarily composed in English, Collectiv Chat’s performance may be less optimal when confronted with situations where Your natural language prompts are not in English or contain grammatical errors. You shall ensure that Your prompts to Collectiv Chat are in English.

    2.5 Publicly available code might contain coding practices that lack security, bugs, or references to outdated APIs or methods. When Collectiv Chat generates code suggestions based on this data, it might inadvertently produce code that includes these undesirable patterns.

    2.6 It's important to note that while utilizing Collectiv Chat, it's advisable to complement it with robust testing, thorough code reviews, security tools, and Your own discernment. These practices collectively contribute to maintaining the security and integrity of Your codebase. Additionally, it is Your responsibility to ensure that Your Integrated Development Environment (“IDE”) or code editor doesn't automatically compile or execute the generated code before You have had the chance to review it.


    Collectiv.AI will use the material generated by Collectiv Chat (“Output(s)”) based on Your prompts (“Input(s)”). The responsibility for any Output produced using Collectiv Chat rests with You. It is strongly advised that You diligently subject the code to testing, review, and scrutiny before deploying it to a production environment. This practice mirrors the approach You would take with any code, including content that incorporates elements not solely generated by You. 


    4.1 All data transmitted via the API will be stored for a period of up to 5 (five) years, primarily for the purpose of monitoring and detecting abuse and misuse. After this period, the data will be removed, unless legal obligations dictate otherwise.

    4.2 Developer(s) intending to publish Output or Input created with the aid of the Collectiv Chat API are allowed to do so, subject to the conditions of this Policy.


    5.1 Integrations are mechanisms that expand the capabilities of Collectiv.AI. These tools can perform various actions within the Collectiv.AI ecosystem, such as code suggestions, autocompletion, and context-aware code generation. Further, integration enhances productivity by reducing the need for manual coding and improving the speed at which Developer(s) can write, test, and refine codes.

    5.2 Presently the Site and Collectiv Chat have different kinds of integrations such as single sign-on integrations, webhook and event integration, IDE integration, etc. Any integration on Collectiv Chat is bound by the terms and conditions of the respective integration service/ product provider which govern the use of such integrations under the regulatory framework. Developer(s) agree to be bound by the same.

    5.3 In case the integrated code or suggestions are used in a project by the Developer, the Developer agrees to provide appropriate attribution as required by the licensing terms of the respective product/ service. It is Your duty to be aware of and respect the intellectual property rights of any material and suggestion generated by Collectiv Chat’s integrated products/ services.


    6.1 It is generally acceptable to post Your own prompts or completions on social media platforms, as well as to livestream Your usage or demonstrate Collectiv Chat to audiences. However, to address the potential risks linked with AI-generated content, We have established the following guidelines pertaining to permissible content sharing:  

    1. prior to sharing or during live streaming, ensure that You manually review each generated piece of Output;

    2. properly attribute the Output to either Your name or the name of Your company;

    3. clearly indicate that the Output is the outcome of AI generation, ensuring that no person could reasonably misinterpret its origin;

    4. the involvement of AI in crafting the Output should be distinctly disclosed in a manner that leaves no room for misunderstanding, and the disclosure should be easy for an average reader to comprehend;

    5. refrain from sharing the Output that breaches any Agreement or has the potential to cause offence to any person; and

    6. when entertaining audience requests for prompts, use discernment and avoid inputting prompts that could potentially result in violations of Our Agreement(s).


    7.1 We value Your suggestions regarding Collectiv Chat and the Site which You provide via the use of Our Discord Server or otherwise. However, You are only permitted to provide Your own ideas and feedback. By sharing Your ideas and feedback with Us, You transfer ownership of them to Us, though implementation is at Our discretion. Compensation or any other form of payment will not be provided for Your feedback.

    7.2 If You come across incidents such as offensive outputs, code susceptibilities, or the inadvertent inclusion of personal details in code generation, kindly refer to the reporting process in Section 10 of this Policy. This will aid Us in fortifying Our protective measures.

    7.3 You may engage in Collectiv Chat’s upcoming free beta trials, if any, and in such a case, You agree to the following additional terms:

    1. You are responsible for maintaining the security and integrity of the Collectiv Chat’s beta software (“Collectiv Chat Beta”);

    2. You must refrain from copying, distributing, selling, attempting to reverse engineer, or creating derivative works based on Collectiv Chat Beta;

    3. Your usage of Collectiv Chat Beta is limited to the duration of the beta trial;

    4. We do not provide a warranty for the correct functioning of Collectiv Chat Beta (or its functioning at all);

    5. throughout the beta period, We may modify Collectiv Chat Beta without prior notice, potentially altering data, content, and functionality. Any loss of data, content, or functionality resulting from such modifications will not hold Us liable; and

    6. We reserve the right to terminate or restrict your access to Collectiv Chat Beta at any given point.


    8.1 Collectiv.AI places a strong emphasis on safety and security, and its dedication to ongoing improvement remains steadfast. Periodically, We may introduce updates to Collectiv Chat, but only when reasonably necessary due to minor issues or justifications. Instances where updates may be made include: 

    1. ensuring Collectiv Chat functions as intended, such as resolving bugs and glitches and enhancing efficiency;

    2. addressing security concerns;

    3. adapting Collectiv Chat to new systems or technical environments; and

    4. adjusting Collectiv Chat to accommodate changes in user numbers and/or to ensure the commercial viability of Collectiv Chat.


    Introducing more advanced systems holds the promise of significantly transforming the developer experience. Our anticipation for Collectiv Chat is not centred around the notion of replacing developers. Instead, Our vision is for Collectiv Chat to collaborate with developers, enhancing their skill set and empowering them to enhance productivity, streamline repetitive tasks, and dedicate their attention to engaging tasks. Additionally, We foresee Collectiv Chat's potential to lessen entry barriers, opening up opportunities for more individuals to engage in software development and become part of the upcoming wave of developers. We are actively pursuing tests and research, both internally and externally, to evaluate these assumptions. 


    You are encouraged to report any violations of Our Policy by contacting Our support team at Prompt reporting enables Us to take appropriate actions and maintain a safe and welcoming environment for all users. 


    We reserve the right to modify Our Policy at any time, taking into account changes in applicable laws, Our business, or the services We provide. The revised Policy will become effective as of the date indicated. We recommend that You periodically review this Policy to stay informed.

    By continuing to use Collectiv Chat and Our Site, it is understood that You have read, comprehended, and accepted the terms outlined in the latest version of this Policy.

This Policy was last revised on 30th August, 2023.

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Join an amazing community of developers. Be a collectiv.

Join an amazing community of developers.

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